The Armory

The Armory is a secret lab built by Tony Stark . It is accessible via a secret door in the abandoned Stark facility outside the Rhodes' house and it houses all of the Iron Man Armors, including the War Machine Armor. After it was blown up by the Tong forces, Tony set up a new armory inside a Makluan temple close to New York City, where it is able not to be destroyed.


Tony Stark has been building this new laboratory for some time now. He finally reveals it to Rhodes in Iron, Forged in Fire Part 1, where he puts on his armor for the first time to spy on Obadiah Stane. Since then, the armory has been the secret headquarters of "Team Iron Man" (Pepper came up with the name).

In the season finale, Tales of Suspense, Xin Zhang orders the Tong set up explosives in the Stark facility and blow it up, nearly destroying the Armory in the process. But thankfully, Rhodes was able to get the Iron Man and War Machine Armors and take down the Mandarin.

In The Invincible Iron Man Part 1, Tony Stark set up a new armory inside the Makluan Temple in Jersey before he went to China to search for Gene. It has improved equipment and defenses so to avoid another explosion and have every spy satellite (even S.H.I.E.L.D and NASA) in the world to search for Gene and other supervillians, if he is out there, they will find him.


Iron Man Armors

Other Equipment

The Armory has a variety of advanced equipment like:

Iron Man Computer Terminal: This computer can monitor Iron Man's systems, see through the armor's visual scanners and hear through the audio scanners, and communicate to whoever is wearing the armor. It can also activate the remote control and most of the armor's functions from there. James Rhodes is usually stationed here. When War Machine is out with Iron Man, Pepper is the one stationed there.

Tony's Artificial Heart Recharger: Tony can recharge his heart implant with this.


New Armory Computer

Armory Computer:
The lab has a highly advanced supercomputer linked to Stark International's database. The second one in the Makluan Temple uses a holographic screen interface with even more capabilities.
  • Satellite Network: His computer is tapped into every spy satellite (possibly including S.H.I.E.L.D. and NASA) on the planet to help him look for Gene Khan and other supervillains. It also gets him every cable television channel in the world.
  • Phone: Both the computer and the armor have direct connection to Stark's pod.
  • Voice Imitator: It can use a microphone to imitate someone's voice on the phone.

Security System: The second armory has better security that warns if there is an intruder. It also has invisible, motion-detector lasers in the Iron Man exiting tube to find out if Iron Man is back or intruder came into the place.


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