Muk Overlord

Makluan Overlord

The Makluan Overlord was the overlord of the entire Makluan race, wearing the ten rings, he was powerful. He is the final antagonist in the series.


When the Makluans started, the overlord and his race conquered and extinct planets with the use of his ten rings called Makluan Rings. One day, a weakling who was his own son, captured the rings from him, making the overlord search for ages.

When the rings' energy source were discovered, he led a invasion to Earth to retrieve the rings and start extiniction on Earth. Mandarin, who was forcing the world captured him and retrieved the rings by himself and told the history of the Makluans, almost same as the Makluan guardian's story. He then captured the armor heros and cause a battle with their strong Makluans then the most strong Makluan in the Makluan race. After the battle, he let them out of the battle back to Earth, capturing Gene as his prisoner and looking at the occuring events on Earth. When Team B of Earth made it to the overlord's chamber, Tony with the help of Extremis took down the overlord with Howard's device that could disable temporary the rings' powers. The rings were taken by Gene and was taken down, then Iron Man left behind battled. He died after the reactor exploded by Team A.


Total control over the Makluan Rings, owing to their being made for him. He was capable of using these rings to conquer worlds and control the Makluan race.


Weapon sommoning:This ability gives him the power to sommon the Makluan rings, as seen in the Makluan invasion of earth when the Mandarin was teleported abord the Makluan warship where the Makluan Overlord took the Makluan rings back from gene.

Makluan ring reactivation:Even the last episode the Makluan Overlord couldn't reactivate the power of the rings he can now reactivate the power of the rings to defeat gene and his friends.

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