Stark Solutions Logo

The Stark Solutions Logo

Stark Solutions
is a business founded by Tony Stark and his friends, James Rhodes and Pepper Potts.


After Justin Hammer bought Stark International while Obadiah was in a coma. Tony has lost his inheritance and trust fund. Thus no longer giving him the means of creating and repairing his Iron Man suits. In order to reacquire his father's company, Tony as Iron Man flew up to Stark International to confront Hammer. But instead ended up as the target for Whiplash, Unicorn, and Titanium Man. After the battle, Tony had an idea. Since Hammer wants his tech because he knows it is the best, he is going to create a new successful business to buy out the original. He has named it "Stark Solutions".

Aside from using this new company to take back Stark International, he's using the profits generated from the business to fund his building and repairing of his Iron Man Armors (since his trust fund was taken from him when Hammer bought out Stark International).

Tony Stark has been using his new company to sell new inventions to other businesses and groups like Pym Industries or the Baxter Think-Tank. Ever since Stark took Extremis, his inventive capacity has risen greatly, improving Stark Solutions capacity.


Known Products

  • Rescue Armor (dubbed by and made for Pepper Potts' personal use)


  • Pepper Potts suggested that the name be "Circuits Maximus", which is actually the name of one of Stark's companies in the comics.

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