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Vortex is a virus created by Tony Stark, which was inspired from Technovore.


Vortex was a virus that caused the ruination of the future of Andros Stark, the Iron Man of 2099. Tony Stark created the Vortex to help the world but it turns out that the Vortex migrated from Tony Stark's computers to S.H.I.E.L.D, and went over the Internet and every technology in the world, but it becomes a virus and cause problems to the world, which leads to war and destruction of the world. To prevent this future, he travels back in time to kill his own grandfather, Tony Stark from creating it. But later, he realizes that he created Vortex to stop him from killing him to prevent this future. He warns Iron Man, and he destroys the chip containing the virus before it is uploaded into the future Iron Man's suit. As a result of this change in the timeline, Andros is erased from existence.

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